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This was really freaking hilarious, I gotta say. Keep up the good work, I really wanna see more of this.

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Very well made! The way it slowly introduced new mechanics, like spike walls and blocks, as well as combining them (again, walls and blocks, or the vanishing blocks with the wrapping screen) felt very organic and well done! The difficulty was very fair, and only a few deaths ever felt cheap. All others I was genuinely punished for charging in without observing the room or forgetting my ability to look down. It feels like something I'd buy off the Wii Store for 200 points, but in a good way. These ideas and general game design could definitely be expanded into a nice little indie game you'd find on the Switch Eshop or Playstation store for a few bucks.

The story was pretty simple, and did a good job for just setting the slightly ominous atmosphere with the writing on the walls.

The music was very well chosen, props to that!

Sprite work was basic and not distracting, but did look a bit weird in the end cutscene. All around decent.

This was a pretty long review but I was pleasantly surprised at how well made this game was overall. Felt like genuine care and, more importantly, genuine knowledge of game design was put into it. Definitely a 5/5, and I'm sure to come back to it again.

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A Mimi is the best way, nay, the ONLY way to kick off a decade right

truly terrifying. my bones are chilled.

THICC... what? You thought I meant Lucy? No, i'm talking about Happy back there! Little dude's looking a bit chunky.

mainly just here for other's art. I usually post on twitter before here.


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